Volunteer Spotlight: Tobias Bell, Sage Software

What motivates you to volunteer? As adults, we view the issues of our society every day. To volunteer with the kids Georgia is my way of molding a better future. If I can impact our youth in a positive way, they will then use those ideals to be a great contribution to society.  

Why JA of Georgia? As an Atlanta native, being able to impact my city directly by encouraging its residents has always been a dream of mine. The image of Georgia is viewed on a national scale and JA is a huge contributor to the prestige of the state of Georgia. 

What’s your best ah-ha moment or memory with JA of Georgia? Working in JA BizTown’s Bank of America I had a young man that seemed to have no drive, no ambitions as far as his future. Just so happens he was made CEO. This young man displayed one the best illustrations of leadership I’ve seen at JA. He managed, directed his peers, he didn’t even go shopping because he wanted to make sure his business was running sufficiently. Afterwards I spoke with him and he stated he wanted to become an entrepreneur -  just showing these kids a direction can impact their lives tremendously.