JA Academy creates a learning environment that is highly relevant, authentic and experiential in order to heighten student engagement and ultimately improve academic outcomes. When measured as a comparison between JA Academy students and the performance of their 9th grade peers within the greater school, early results indicate positive outcomes.


JA Academy students consistently scored higher than their peers during the 2015-2016 school year. It is also encouraging to note that as a whole, the school's results improved year-over-year. The Georgia Milestones chart shows the percent of students scoring proficient or developing in the tested courses. 

Georgia Milestones


Climate is measured through levels of student engagement through attendance and behavior.  JA Academy students are present much more frequently than their 9th grade peers. The following charts compare the second semester absenteeism rate between students who were out of school five or more days during the designated time period. 

JA Academy

Non-JA Academy


JA Academy fosters a highly engaging and motivational environment to empower students with the knowledge, skills and ambition to navigate their own path to success. The reflections below are a snapshot of the energy and camaraderie that developed among the JA Academy students and teachers.

JA Academy is changing students’ mindsets, they are open to learning. Why? Because they like being a part of something, and they all want better for their futures, even if they are unsure what better means.
— JA Academy Algebra Teacher
The JA Academy program was a benefit to me because it forced me to work harder. In middle school, I was an alright student, but now I’m getting A’s thanks to all the students and teachers here.
— JA Academy Student
This program has brought everyone closer together as a family and as a result everyone has changed, personally and academically. I appreciate everything the staff have done for us students. I am happy and honored to not only be a part of the first graduating class, but to be a part of this wonderful JA Academy family.
— JA Academy Student
“JA Academy helps me feel like I belong somewhere as a studious member of society.”
— JA Academy Student