Developed to educate. Designed to inspire.

Throughout our history the mission of JA has remained constant, yet the delivery of the mission has evolved to meet the needs of the current students and economic state. Today, we have transformed our education models to make the everyday academic experience more relevant and engaging for students in today’s high-tech and multi-sensory world. 

JA Discovery Centers

The transformation began with the launch of the JA Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center in August 2013, and the JA Discovery Center at Gwinnett in 2015. Summer 2018 brought the opening of a third location, The Mike and Lynn Cottrell JA Discovery Center at North Georgia located in Cumming. The development of these centers created a consortium of leaders from the business and education communities who believed that when students understand how academics apply to the real world, they are more motivated in the classroom and ultimately achieve higher academic and professional success. The JA Discovery Centers blend key components of JA to deliver state-of-the-art learning facilities where students apply concepts they learn in the classroom in a 360-degree authentic and immersive experience. Upon arrival students become a part of a simulated version of their hometown, JA BizTown® and JA Finance Park®. Here, students work alongside their peers and volunteers as they discover a greater understanding of financial concepts, build 21st century skills, and foster the entrepreneurial spirit.
The JA Discovery Centers are collective efforts from 11 school districts, including Atlanta Public Schools, Calhoun City Schools, Dawson County Schools, Dekalb County Schools, Forsyth County Schools, Fulton County Schools, Gainesville City Schools, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Hall County Schools, Lumpkin County Schools, and Marietta City Schools, more than 95 partners, and the greater Atlanta community of volunteers and supporters. Annually, more than 80,000 students visit the JA Discovery Centers to complete a one-day simulation at JA BizTown or JA Finance Park.