Become a JA Fellow

You know how people always say, you can be whatever you want to be? That's true! The only catch is you need the dedication and skills to get there. If you provide the dedication, JA will help you develop the skills, as well as confidence, knowledge and access into the world of business.

JA Fellows offers a unique opportunity for self-motivated high school students to participate in an in-depth, hands-on experience that will enable you to become the next generation of leaders, equipped to handle the highly-competitive global marketplace.

This year we are transitioning to a new blended learning model, which allows students to be engaged with interactive content, and better prepared for the digital direction our nation is headed in. 

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Student Enrollment process


1. Complete a 2016-2017 JA Fellows online application and an online parent consent form.

2. Submit a written statement outlining JA Fellows participant agreement (details below).

3. Complete the pre-enrollment survey before kickoff. 

The 250-500 word written statement must outline your response to all four questions listed below. The statement must be submitted via email to and include in the subject line 'JA Fellows Returner (Student First and Last Name)'.

1. What innovative product would you like to pitch at the first meeting?    

2. After reviewing the JA Fellows Pledge, please choose the principle that means the most to you, and explain how you plan to uphold it while in the program.

3. How do you plan for this year to look different for yourself as an individual, and for your team as a whole?

4. Our theme for this year’s program is “Intentional Success.” What does this phrase mean to you, and how can it be incorporated into your experience this year? 



1. Complete a 2016-2017 JA Fellows online application and an online parent consent form.

2. Attend one parent/student orientation at JA's office (dates will be provided after application is received). See below for items you need to be prepared to bring to orientation.

3. Complete a pre-enrollment survey before kickoff. 

Items you will need to bring to orientation:

  • Transcript showing a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Student's resume
  • Prepared to participate in a 10 minute group interview


  1. Demonstrate an understanding and willingness to commit to the JA Fellows Pledge.
  2. Demonstrate your community involvement, extracurricular participation and/or work experience.
  3. Check out this flyer that highlights JA Fellows Alumni tips for new members.