Become a JA Fellow Volunteer

It may be hard to believe now, but the support of business leaders, like you, creates a unique opportunity to truly inspire youth about career possibilities, help them manage finances, start a company and realize their potential. Your participation is what makes life achievements possible for our future employees, consumers and leaders.

Why Volunteer?

  • Play a pivotal role in positively impacting the next generation of leaders
  • Help change the statistics on America's competitiveness
  • Sharpen your presentation and coaching skills
  • Represent your company/industry to future employees
  • Connect with your community

If you are interested in participating in the 2016-2017 program, please contact us.

Volunteer Details

Volunteers work in groups of five to advise and guide their JA Fellows team throughout the 18- week process. While the dynamics of each team differ, there are a few steps that ensure your team will reach their full potential.


  1. More Than A Volunteer- To many JA Fellows you be will be seen as a mentor. Remember how valuable the role a mentor played in your success and take pride in knowing young people revere you in this way. As a mentor, we ask that you respect and honor this position and provide guidance when able.
  2. Time is Money- The weekly sessions are vital to the success of each student-run company. We ask that each volunteer group work together to ensure at least three volunteers are present at the weekly meetings.
  3. Task/Time Manager- While JA Fellows are highly-driven students, they are teenagers, and at times you may need to help students remain focused and on task during the weekly meetings, and with event preparation. Providing agendas at the beginning of each meeting is highly suggested.
  4. Reflect- The day before each team meeting, take 10 minutes to remind yourself what an impact you are making on each of the JA Fellows members. In today's fast paced world it can be easy to lose sight of the mission. Your participation equips students with the skills and knowledge to develop their full potential.
  5. Spread The News- Show your support of your JA Fellows team by helping them get the word out about their progress. Once your team has developed their product, confirm a date that the team can showcase their product at your office or post an announcement on your company's intranet.