True learning comes from doing, and when given the right tools, there are no bounds to the potential of our youth. 

At the heart of our work is preparing today’s students for the demands of tomorrow’s economy. In order to effectively achieve this, JA is driving efforts to transform education to align more closely to life beyond the classroom walls. Join JA, school systems, and our partners, and become part of the movement to redefine a generation and place all students on a path to success. 

Together we will fuel a generation of tenacious individuals armed with the confidence, knowledge and capabilities to take control of their financial futures, their careers, and achieve their dreams.

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Discover how JA, school systems and the business community are coming together to bring innovation to education and empower a generation to thrive.

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From investing in the development of innovative learning models to participating as a volunteer, every individual and organization has the capability to make a valuable impact in shaping the future of today's youth.